PATIENT: Graham R.

Adelaide, SA

I am 73 years old and have had asthma (which runs in my family) since the age of 6. I smoked for 15 years, up to 2 packets per day...

Prior to the operation any form of exercise (e.g. having a shower, getting dressed, mowing lawns), would cause breathlessness to the degree that I was using my Ventolin puffer several times a day. Since the operation there has been a huge difference in the way that I can do more physical activities. Recently I went on holidays in the Northern Territory where I did the rim walk around Kings Canyon. To get to the rim you must climb Heart Attack Hill – this I would not have contemplated prior to the operation. Palm Valley was another walk along with several others that were quite challenging. Since the operation the only after effect seems to be a throaty cough with the build up of mucus in the throat causing constant swallowing. The use of medications during the day while doing exercise of any kind is now not needed. I can not thank everybody that is involved with this treatment enough, it has made a huge difference to my lifestyle."

Thank You.

Graham R.